• Universal Flanging Machine

    Make free form shapes on plates, cones and pipes.

  • Forming BIG pipes

    Flanges, inlet and nozzle shapes on pipes

    D1000 - 5600, Thikness 2 - 25mm

    mild steel, high grade, stainless steel.

  • Bellmouth

    Make custom shaped air inlets.

    Flanges with holes, reinforcement edges, bulbs etc.

  • Flanging

    Reduce costs and gain quality when making flanges on pipes.

We provide automatic steel forming machines

Make optimal shapes for air inlets and outlets, cones, nozzels and vane wheels.

Since 1986 Nodi A/S has developed a rolling method, which is unique.

Our method is rolling free form, that means that it is possible to roll many different shapes and is used for the HVAC industry, shipbuilding industry and others.

  • Optimise the way you make flanges on ducts and pipes

  • Minimize costs

  • Improve surface finish

  • Get better airflow in ducts

  • From 250 mm to 5600 mm in diameter

  • Up to 25 mm plate thickness

  • Work in Steel, Stainless and Aluminium

We design and manufacture fully automated steel forming machines, built to fit into your production of fans, ventilators, nozzles, vents, filters or others.